VISION: To assist with the economic transformation of 200,000 people over the next seven years


Community Financial Empowerment Center

We are committed to addressing the socio-economic challenges of communities with a direct team approach. We deliver the financial tools necessary to compete in a global world. If you are an individual, non-profit organization, church, financial institution, or business looking to partner with others who are concerned about financial health, poverty, re-entry/prison, or bankruptcies/foreclosures, contact us OR schedule a consultation. The time is now!


How We Help You

Bankruptcy Assistance

The BAI provides practical and educational resources to those experiencing harsh economic realities, particularly those contemplating filing for bankruptcy (or who may not know they should consider it). We have a system in place where we engage what’s called foreclosure prevention, an expedited process designed to help stop foreclosures of the greatest asset for many Americans – your homes.  We understand that time is of the essence, so let’s get to financial freedom today!

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of individuals have access to financial tools but need someone to show them how to use them.

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