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Legacy: Estate Planning

Save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by participating in our legacy course. We have experienced coaches who will provide one-on-one consultations to determine exactly what estate planning tools best fit your needs. Our coaches have a combined total of over 40 years of experience in estate planning. Some of the services we can provide include preparation of:

  • Simple Last Will and Testament
  • Power of Attorney
  • Advance Directive (Living Will)
  • Durable Healthcare Power of Attorney

The average cost of probating an estate without a Last Will and Testament starts at $5,000.00, depending on the hourly rate of the attorney.  The average hourly rate of an estate planning attorney is $250.00 - $500.00 per hour.   We at the PRF Institute are able to provide these services to you for a fraction of the  cost so that you can make sure your family is not left in a bind after your death.   



A Will is a legal document that states your wishes for how you want your  property (assets and/or minor children) to be distributed after your death.

Power of Attorneys

A Power of Attorney is a legal authorization for you to allow another to act on your behalf.

of individuals assessed don't have a will in place to protect their assets

Advanced Directive

An Advanced Directive is a legal document that allows you to express your desired end of life care ahead of time.

Health Care Power of Attorney

A Health Care Power of Attorney is a legal document that allows you to give someone authorization to make decisions about your medical care.


What happens next?

Only 20% of people have an up-to-date living will or durable healthcare power of attorney … even after what we’ve been through with COVID.  Will you be prepared if there is another pandemic?


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We offer FREE estate planning services for low to moderate income households, the elderly, and those who cannot afford to pay at this time.  See if you qualify in three easy steps.

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Take the Legacy Course Bundle

This course discusses the basic principles of descent and distribution and how they apply to the concept of wills. You would be surprised to learn the real common reasons why less than 31%-44% of adults in America [continue to] neglect preparing their will and other estate planning documents. There is much focus today on the benefits of preparing for life with God after our physical deaths. But did you know that preparing a will and leaving an inheritance for your children’s children is an act of proverbial wisdom according to Proverbs 13: 22? Your proactive acts of “continued stewardship” will economically benefit family and community for generations!!

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