VISION: To assist with the economic transformation of 200,000 people over the next seven years


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PRF stands for Possessions, Resources, & Finances. We believe being a good steward over our PRFs is foundational to developing a healthy financial strategy. Our vision is to assist with the economic transformation of 200,000 people over the next seven years.

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PRF Institute

We are a safe place for all to learn, grow, and transform in financial stewardship. We teach:

  • Stewardship Principles
  • How to Gain Financial Healing
  • Credit & Debt Management
  • Importance of Planning & Savings
  • How to Leave a Legacy
  • Poverty Reduction
  • & More
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Community Financial Empowerment Center

We are committed to addressing the socio-economic challenges of communities with a direct team approach. We provide:

  • Financial Assessment for the Community
  • Free Coaching
  • Community Resources
  • Legacy Planning
  • Teaching Lessons
  • Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Assistance
  • & More
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Our Latest Campaign

RIP Medical Fundraiser

At the PRF Institute, financial freedom and empowerment are at the core of our mission. Millions of Americans suffer under the burden of various debt types, which prevent them from living abundant lives. Studies show that medical debt has scaled to the top as the major contributor of debt in America today. Over the past few years and in the wake of COVID-19, many families and individuals have succumbed to crippling financial challenges that many have been unable to bounce back from. Alabama’s poverty rate (15.5%) ranks seventh2 in the nation, so we decided to take action where it matters most. 

Will you help us eliminate at least $1,000,000 worth of medical debt within one month?

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Connect with Dr. Nate Dunlap, Jr. and the PRF Team to see how we can begin to empower you with the tools needed to begin your financial transformation. We will invest in you to help you invest in yourself.

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