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What's Next?:

Preparing for Eternity

The three most critical questions before you today are: WHAT does ETERNITY mean to you? WHERE is ETERNITY? WHEN is ETERNITY? As you read “What’s Next?”, it will challenge you to get serious about ETERNITY, as well as give you a different perspective on what ETERNITY will mean to those you leave behind.

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This book is full of practical and spiritual suggestions to ensure that your family won’t live in what feels like a poverty stricken, depressed, gut wrenching, emotionally deprived or wealth eliminating ETERNITY … because you failed or refused to think about their “What’s Next?” moment.  Realize that every household and family situation may not require everything offered in this book. However, there’s one thing that I can guarantee within our families, communities and our households of faith, there will be something, in at least one of the stages offered to you, to make things easier on everybody and help somebody get their affairs in order.

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