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Stop Paying Tithes

Since the beginning of time the principle of tithing has been an integral part of the Kingdom of God. Contrary to the title, STOP PAYING TITHES teaches believers how to become cheerful givers of the tithe.

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God is precise concerning the way His Kingdom operates. It is essential to understand God’s chosen method regarding the way believers should offer the tithe and offerings to Him. There are specific biblical instructions as to how God expects Christians to offer gifts to Him. STOP PAYING TITHES shares biblical scripture that will guide you in the realm of receiving God’s promised blessings of abundance. This book takes you on a biblical journey to understanding the tithe. As you read STOP PAYING TITHES prepare yourself for a transformation to become a CHEERFUL GIVER. GOD PROMISES TO MULTIPLY THE SEED SOWN CHEERFULLY! 2 Corinthians 9:6-10

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